Vector Arena is located in Mahuhu Crescent, Auckland City. It is accessible from Beach Road and Quay Street and within easy reach of public transport, hotels, and restaurants.


Britomart Station is a short 10-15 minute walk from the Arena and is on all major bus routes – including the free City Circuit Bus.  The Eastern End entrance of the Britomart platform will bring you onto a walkway that will take you to Britomart Place, which leads to Beach Road and Mahuhu Crescent.  Alternatively the Beach Road stop on the Inner Link Bus Route is approximately 100m from the Arena. The Link Bus runs continuously 7-days a week.

Britomart Station is handy for the venue; just a short 10-15 minute walk along Customs Street East or Britomart Place and Beach Road. Visit for more details.

The Downtown ferry terminal is a 10-15 minute walk away.  Visit for more information.

Vector Arena has no public parking, and encourage the use of public transport.  For those who choose to drive, there are 7000 carparks within a 1.2km distance of the Arena.

The closest carpark buildings are as follows. 
  • Arena Car Park (Dockside Lane, off Tapora Street - about 5 minute's walk away)
  • Britomart Car Park (On the corner of Quay Street and Britomart Place - about 8 minutes walk)
  • Railway Car Park (Te Taou Crescent, off Beach Road - about 5 minutes walk)
  • Tangihua Street Car Park (Tangihua Street - about 6 minutes walk)
Mobility parking can be reserved upon purchase of a ticket to an event at the Vector Arena; please contact Vector Arena directly well before the event, once you have purchased your event ticket. CLICK HERE for more information.

If you need to drop passengers close to the Arena, the designated area is on Quay Street by our pedestrian bridge/ramp:

From State Highway 1 from the South, take the 16 East "Port"exit (429B-C). If coming from the North, it's Exit 426-B. Follow it to the bottom of Grafton Gully and from there continue straight on under the railway bridge, along The Strand until it terminates at the intersection with Quay Streets and Tamaki Drive. Turn left onto Quay Street and travel to the drop-off point which is approximately 500 metres along at the base of our footbridge/ramp. (You'll see the shopping complex before it, and then the big Vector Arena banners on your left).  If you're coming from the central city, you will travel past the Arena on your right and then you'll need to turn right into the shopping complex in order to turn around and approach the dropoff from the right direction on Quay Street (Try not to miss this turning point as there is no right turn all the way down onto Tamaki Drive).