Ticket allocation for athletes

All athletes (Elite and Challenge riders) competing in the 2013 UCI BMX World Championships will be given access to view the Challenge days.

Riders wishing to view the Elite competition will need to purchase tickets.

Is there allocated seating? Where can I get the best view?

All tickets, except for the final day of competition (Sunday) will be general admission, with no allocated seating.

Tickets for Sunday will have allocated seating. Further information about the seating plan and prices will be available shortly.

Can parents or spectators gain access to Vector Arena for the official practice times on Monday 22 July and Tuesday 23 July?

Yes. Each rider will be given two wristbands for family/coaches/supporters to gain access to the Arena on practice days, but only in a specific designated area of the Arena which will be sectioned off.

What is the event schedule?

Click here to view the full event schedule.

What will the track look like?

View 3D impressions and plain layouts of the track here:

Is there any medical insurance coverage is covered by the organisers or venue?

Any visitor to NZL is covered by ACC (http://www.acc.co.nz/making-a-claim/am-i-covered/index.htm#P81_5813) for any accident injury - including injury through sport.  Visitors are not able to sue in NZL due to accident as this is what ACC covers.  If, however, there are  additional costs - like parents having to stay on, cancelled flights, new flights, special flights or other etc etc, ACC will not cover these costs and they need to be covered through personal insurance.

The Organisers would recommend that anyone travelling to NZL for this event carries personal Travel insurance, including injury/accident and general medical cover.  This would then assist with any additional costs and providing for private medical assistance against reliance on the public system which can have delays.