Auckland at a glance

  • About one third of New Zealand’s population lives in Auckland – approximately 1.5 million people in the greater Auckland area.
  • The city’s sparkling waters, varied landscapes and cosmopolitan city life combine to make it one of the most desirable places in the world to live or visit. Auckland is rated third on the Mercer scale of global lifestyle cities.
  • Auckland is the world’s largest Polynesian city, with a rich mix of Maori, Pacific Island, Asian and other cultures – a true melting pot. 
  • Set on three beautiful harbours – Waitemata, Manukau and Kaipara – Auckland is home to more than 50 islands.
  • New Zealand's indigenous Maori people called this land ‘Tamaki Makau Rau’, a maiden desired by 100 lovers. It was a place sought after by many and fought over for its riches, including its forested hills, productive volcanic soils and harbours full of seafood.
  • Auckland’s landscape is dotted with 48 extinct and dormant volcanic cones that offer spectacular views across the city and harbour. 

Essential information

  • The region enjoys a warm coastal climate without extremes of temperature – however July in New Zealand is mid-winter, with an average temperature of 8-14 Celsius or 46-57 Fahrenheit. 
  • Getting around in Auckland is easy, with an extensive network of trains, buses and ferries and a central transport hub conveniently located in downtown Auckland. There are also taxis, shuttles, rental cars and motor homes, or hop on a guided tour to see the sights in comfort.
  • Auckland is the best-connected city in New Zealand, easily accessible to visitors from overseas and around the country, and is the ideal gateway for those travelling further within New Zealand. 
  • Auckland Airport has consistently been ranked one of the best in the world and is serviced by more than 20 international airlines.
  • You can visit one of Auckland’s i-SITE Visitor Information Centres for expert advice to help plan your trip in Auckland and beyond.
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